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OptOn Math: Can you afford your deductible?

If you're a rideshare driver, you drive to pursue your own individual goals in the freelance economy - whether it's to pay the bills, save for a vacation, or stay social and active. Why you choose...

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The risk of under-insured driving

Maintaining proper insurance coverage is important. Driving without insurance (or without the right insurance) is risky and can put hard-earned rideshare income on the line.  

A recent study...

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OptOn launches on-demand insurance for rideshare drivers

Chicago, Illinois - October 1, 2018 OptOn, a mobile, on-demand, commercial insurance product for rideshare drivers, launches today in Illinois. The easy-to-use mobile app provides short-term...

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What is an optOn micro policy?

For drivers today, personal auto insurance is a required purchase with few options.  Yes, you can buy a policy online, over the phone, or in-person with an agent from a big company or a small...

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Usage-based rideshare insurance made easy

Maybe you’ve heard of usage-based insurance, UBI for short, or maybe not.  It’s an important topic that’s been gathering steam in the insurance space over the last decade.  The concept is simple:...

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The flexibility of on-demand rideshare insurance

There are a lot of perks to being a rideshare driver: you earn extra money, meet new and (sometimes) interesting people, explore new parts of town, and collect dozens of “wait ‘til you hear this...

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