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OptOn Math: Can you afford your deductible?

If you're a rideshare driver, you drive to pursue your own individual goals in the freelance economy - whether it's to pay the bills, save for a vacation, or stay social and active. Why you choose to drive influences when and where you drive, and that flexibility and control is important. 

So shouldn't you have the option to take control of your protection, too?


optOn math

At optOn, we exist to give rideshare drivers a better insurance option. Most drivers know they need insurance that is specific to rideshare driving, and that they get some insurance through their Transportation Network Company (TNC).


But do you really know what you have? Are you comfortable driving around with a deductible that could wipe out much of your hard-earned income? 


As an example, let's look at some optOn math in the image below:




This is just one example. Your figures may vary but the outcome doesn't: you deserve a better option.  


Can you afford to spend 5.7 weeks of rideshare driving just to break even on the deductible difference? 


If you're currently driving for a TNC like Lyft or Uber, you likely know that the insurance they provide doesn't give you the flexibility and choice you might desire across all driving periods.


Additionally, the Lyft and Uber deductibles are at levels that make it difficult and time-consuming to earn all that money back.


That's why optOn has developed a flexible, usage-based insurance product for all driving periods and lets rideshare drivers choose the protection, price, and deductible options that work best for them.


We want to empower rideshare drivers to make choices that fit their rideshare driving goals and we want to offer insurance coverage that delivers peace-of-mind.


It's time to take control of your protecting your earnings. Get optOn.


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