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What am I paying for with optOn?

Every time you open the optOn app, you can access on-demand, personalized rideshare insurance quotes, priced at just cents per mile.


With optOn, there are no monthly fees, no long-term contracts, and no subscriptions.  A quick download of the free app and a couple minutes of one-time account setup and you are seconds away from being covered every time you want to purchase rideshare insurance.


But what, exactly, are you paying for when you purchase an optOn micro policy?


optOn receiptEvery time a 4-hour policy is completed, or after you choose to end a policy early, a receipt appears in your account history. Each optOn micro policy has its own receipt in which you can review your policy start and stop time, the cents-per-mile rate you chose, and the distance you traveled. 


Next you'll see how your rate is calculated.  In the example shown here, the rate per mile was 14.5 cents and the distance traveled was 21 miles.  $0.145 x 21 = $3.05.  The administrative fee takes care of all the e-signature events and payment processing that happens in the background for a total policy price of $3.05 + $0.99 = $4.04. 


The next logical question is: what did my $4.04 cover during my 21 miles of driving over 4 hours? A micro policy with optOn provides coverage for you, your vehicle, and your passengers, in the event of an accident while you're driving for rideshare. Our policies provide this coverage across all rideshare driving periods, even Period 1, when TNC companies may not offer protection. The details of your policy can be found, conveniently, by tapping the "Policy details" option within your receipt.  


optOn policy details_3-6

Once you're on the policy details screen, you can view the Liability, Uninsured Motorist, Underinsured Motorist, Physical Damage, and Medical Payments coverage provided.  We even have definitions of what kind of protection those coverages provide, just in case you're not as passionate about insurance as we are.


You can also view the insurance card that was active during this policy period, as well as all the associated policy documents.  


The simplicity and easy-access approach of the optOn app gives you the power of choice and flexibility


Choose the insurance price and coverage that works best for you and start driving for rideshare with peace of mind.



Rideshare drivers deserve a choice. Get optOn.


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*Coverage with optOn is subject to qualifications and terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. 

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